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Any change worth making requires a commitment.  But it also requires a starting point.  And we hope your starting point is right here and right now.


We've made lots of health changes in our own lives and we continue to make them every day.  We've stumbled a bit now and then, but we also manage to get back on track.  Through all of our ups and downs, we consider the USANA products to be some of our best allies in the quest for improved health.


How can we help you with your Nutritional Supplement program?


Our Core Strength & Focus


We've been working with clinics for over a decade, providing customer service that is dictated by the clinic's needs--not our own. We realize Doctors of Chiropractic have their own "wish list" (and more often than not a "do not want" list) that we are happy to work from.  Let us show you what's possible.


As lifelong tennis players, we love helping everyone involved with the game. USANA Health Sciences is the official supplier to the WTA (Women's Tennis Tour).  We know, love...and PLAY tennis!


USANA products are a great idea for corporate employees; not only do we have terrific products for everyday health, we also offer a great line of meal replacement products that can take the place of typical (and often unhealthy) fast-food choices.


Operating a salon can put employees in an environment filled with harmful vapors and airborne dust. We offer a simple program for nail salon employees that may help the body's immune system better cope with this environment.


For anyone wanting their own reseller account, USANA makes owning your own personal franchise easy.  Help others on their way to better health, and create a lucrative, residual income stream for yourself.


For specific questions, just contact us by eMail or give us a call. For calls from outside of the United States, please keep in mind we are located in the United States Central time zone (GMT -6.)



General Information

Click here for our USANA Health Sciences Product Ordering web portal. From this site, you can easily browse products, company and the referral program information.


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If you have already been in contact with another USANA Associate, we encourage you to contact that individual for more information.

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